A Question for the WordPress Community

I run a Creationist blog and as such I am usually involved in a discussion either in my own comments section, or the comments section of another blogger.  Since I’ve only been a part of the blogosphere for a few months, I’m not sure where the line of proper blog etiquette and unwritten common courtesy is. 

 A blogger referenced, and quoted, a post of mine without linking it

Now, I’ve always linked whatever I’m referring to, and this has been the general trend in my blogosphere experience.  My question: 


I personally prefer comment moderation because it allows me to more closely monitor what is said and seen on my blog.  However, I always approve comments (that are approvable) immediately after I skim over them no matter how long it will take me to reply.  My thought is that if someone put time and effort in to writing a discussion point, they should be able to have that point out for the world to see as soon as possible. The second thing that happened is . . .

That same blogger waited to approve my comments until he/she had written a counter point

I know this happened because the blogger had updated their blog several hours after my comments were posted and he/she must have seen my comments awaiting approval in order to respond to them.  I guess my question is . . .


These answers will honestly help me shape my opinion on the matter.  Thanks community!

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6 Comments on “A Question for the WordPress Community”

  1. Star Says:

    “Is Linking the Blog You are Quoting Mandatory or Just Courtesy?”

    No, It’s just a courtesy.

    Some blogs have advertisers. Why reward BugFug Insanity with additional pagecount.

  2. Star Says:

    Besides its not as if they can’t highlight the text and google search on the quoted text.

  3. krissmith777 Says:

    I voted that it was a courtesy to link the blog.

    But at the same time it makes the person whjo quoted you look not so good.

    Realizing that I prefer to link. If you look at my posts I have text links all over the place.

  4. Citizen10 Says:

    To quote you without linking to you is comparable to plagiarism. You can’t hand in a paper at the university with quotes unless you cite the document you used. Although these are just personal blogs, this person is using your words as their own and not giving you credit for it. It is definitely plagiarism.

    Also, not every blogger must respond to comments on their blog. Right now I am trying to respond, because my blog is brand new and has few visitors, making it easier to respond. A few years ago I ran a very popular website/blog, and there were times when I just didn’t get the chance to respond. But, I think it is quite rude to hold the comment for approval while writing a counter-argument. Thus, I have turned off holding comments for moderation – I want people to say what they want to say, and then if I want to respond, I will. I’m not going to reject or accept a comment based on if I want to argue back.

    Moral of the story, I voted “mandatory” and then “bad form.”

  5. Eric Kemp Says:


    That’s exactly how I feel about it. I think the behavior of not linking and waiting to approve comments until you have a counter-point to be shady behavior. But I guess those things are considered to be mere courtesy. My only option is to not discuss and interact with those that behave that way.

    Thanks for the vote and the input, I’m glad there is someone out there that agrees with me.

    Eric Kemp

  6. Citizen10 Says:

    No problema. =)

    I used to run a popular website/blog, and I also provided free graphics for people to use when making their own websites – things such as “welcome” signs etc. Of course, making a website/blogging connects you with the online community, and everyone I interacted with then always agreed that you must give credit to your source – whether you quoted them, used an image of theirs, or even if you were just inspired by their website. Each website of the people I communicated with (as well as mine) clearly stated something like “If you use these graphics, please link back to me!” and we even provided little buttons with the HTML code linking back to our pages.

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