Intelligent Science is Now “Apologia”

For awhile now I’ve been contemplating the purpose and scope of my small portion of the blogosphere.  When I started this endeavor in June, it was merely to provide a place of reference for the arguments that I’ve already formed and to explore the scientific evidence for God’s existence (and hopefully get in some discussions that would help me better understand opposing positions).  However, soon after I bought my domain and started this blog, I read Pushing the Antithesis:  The Apologetic Methodology of Greg L. Bahnsen

At first, the ideas presented were hard to wrap my head around.  My averse reaction was solely due to the realization that I would have to change everything.  Neutral ground is a place that doesn’t exist, evidence must be interpreted and as such, it is our underlying presuppositions (deep seeded assumptions) that define what we believe, and not the amount of brute evidence what we have.

It’s About Worldviews

Worldviews are the system of presuppositions that each of us hold to.  The battle Christians find ourselves in is not one of evidence, it is one of worldviews.   Try this out.  Argue Biblical manuscript evidence with an atheist and watch them brush away each argument with, “It doesn’t matter, God doesn’t exist”.  We must tackle the presupposition that they can know such a thing, and show them how their non-belief in God leads to them to not being able to explain anything

The more I argued with and learned about those opposed to the Christian worldview, and orthodox Christianity specifically, the more pervasive assumptions became.  That is, each thinker held onto unassailable presuppositions that informed their interpretation of every fact and topic in consideration.  It became less and less about scientific and Scriptural evidence, and more about the assumptions we all have that we filter all evidence through.

The question then becomes, what worldview allows us to explain the world as we know it?

Like the Walls Were Closing In

The more pervasive the existence of worldviews became obvious to me, the more I felt restricted by the title of my blog, and the scope that it implied.  I wanted to be able explore all implications of the Christian worldview, and defend all aspects of it.  My official training has only been in the scientific realm of secular universities and therefore, I am theologically vicariously- and self-taught.  Since I find myself to be merely philosophically and theologically functional, I wanted to be free to explore what I lack in those areas.  However, I will always have a scientific inclination as that is what I find the most fascinating.

Why “Apologia”?

The Latin root word for our “apologetics” is “apologia”; meaning “to speak in defense”.  The word is simple yet encompasses all that I want to do; stand in defense of the Christian worldview.

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10 Comments on “Intelligent Science is Now “Apologia””

  1. Ray of Rod Says:


    I love the way you are now going with your website. I know it’s been a while now coming for me to actually post on your site (and I do apologize for not posting at least a single comment up until now), but I hope this can be one of many to help with this great website.

    I speak for many to say that we are proud of you and what you are accomplishing with this site.

    God Bless & keep fighting the good fight bro,

  2. Eric Kemp Says:


    Wow brother, thanks for the comment and the encouragment. It means everything to me. Considering that it took 5 months for you to post on my blog, you are now banned ;p.

    And I will fight the fight as long as God allows me to.

    Eric Kemp

  3. Tim Nichols Says:


    I like the sound of the shift. You’re right; the battle is on all fronts at once, all the time. Keep pressing forward.

    Lord bless you.

    His forever,

  4. Eric Kemp Says:


    I know you’ll understand what I mean; it was one of those things that wouldn’t let go of me. Thank you Tim, and I will

    Eric Kemp

  5. House Says:

    At least you’ve given up the pretense of this site being about Science.

  6. Eric Kemp Says:

    Oh Troll

    You’ve again, purposefully missed the point. But this time, I won’t take the time to educate you. Why I’m EXPANDING my site from JUST science is explained in the article.


  7. Sirius Says:

    I like the new direction.

    I like trolls with a light hollandaise sauce.

    Haven’t been around as of late. I’m involved in the whole nanowrimo thing for this month as well as [for now] hush hush project involving Creationism. busybusybusy.

    Anyway, I think you’re taking a step in the right direction.

    –Sirius Knott

  8. Eric Kemp Says:


    Thanks for the support and I’m excited about my new direction, although I can’t stand hollandaise sauce. But I do like my trolls well done and crispy.

    Yes, I’ve been seeing your 1700 words a day, and I am praying for your sanity during your endeavor to write a novel in a month. I always look forward to what is next for Sirius.

    Eric Kemp

  9. b Says:

    I thought trolls tasted best with a nice chianti (ala Dr. Lester).

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