My Son is in the Hospital (Update: We’re Home)

Can everyone pray for my son?  He has been in the hospital since yesterday, and we definitely will spend at least another day or two there.  Please pray that God heals him and that God gives us peace through out this process.  I will explain more when I have the chance, but I have to get back to the hospital now.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Update 01/22/09

As you can probably imagine, I haven’t had much free time on my hands.  However, there is a parent resource center here at the hospital and I’m taking a few minutes to get an update done.  So, as you can tell, my wife and I are still at the hospital. 

On Sunday, we got our diagnosis.  He’s got a viral infection in his lungs caused by a particular virus called RSV.    It wasn’t an emergency situation, as we skipped the ER and got admitted straight away after waiting about 2.5 hours for a bed to open up.  However, it was moderately serious in that when we admitted him on Saturday, he was coughing and choking on the mucus being produced in his lungs. 

For adults, RSV is just a head cold, but for babies, they don’t have the strength in the lungs, diaphragm and intercostal muscles to cough hard enough to bring the mucus up.  So that requires a thin tube to be stuck down his nose, into his lungs, to suction out the mucus.  This is hard on the child, who is screaming, coughing and gagging and hard on the me and my wife because we have to watch him go through it, or help hold the little guy down.  This takes place every four hours or so. 

Over the past few days, the “deep suctioning”, as they call it, has gotten easier on my son, and he no longer freaks out as much (still gagging though), and gets over the trauma faster.  It’s also a bit easier on us, but not much.  The fluid in his lungs is still being produced by the RSV but not as thick and not as much.

His mood has changed from that of a sick baby, to the Landon we know and love.  He’s laughing, playing and just generally becoming more like himself over the past two days.  It’s just that there is still fluid in his lungs that he cannot expel without the deep suction.  That is why we’ve been here for 6 days and will continue to be until his lungs are at least 75% clear.  Sometimes, RSV can take up to two weeks in the hospital!

So, keep praying for Landon that he would keep improving and pray for perseverance for my wife and I as I go back and forth from home to the hospital, and as I go back to work tomorrow, and as she stays at the hospital all day.  We both have great support with friends and family, visiting, calling and helping any way they can, but it’s still a trying time.

Thanks for the prayers, they mean everything.

We’re Home 01/25/09

On Friday, Landon made huge improvements and didn’t need a deep suction all day.  When his pediatrician came in Saturday afternoon, he released us from the hospital.  So, we’re home!  It was a long week, to say the least, but we’re just glad Landon is better and that it was “merely” a virus and not something worse.  Needless to say, it was a week that will go down in infamy.

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9 Comments on “My Son is in the Hospital (Update: We’re Home)”

  1. Neil Says:

    Done! Please keep us posted. I know that is a very stressful situation.

  2. Thomas Says:

    You and your family are in my prayers.

  3. paul Says:

    I’m praying too.

  4. Zhatt Says:

    You have my condolences. I hope everything turns out well.

  5. Matt Says:

    Hey Eric. My thoughts are with you.
    All the very best wishes from my family to yours.

  6. dwilli58 Says:


    I have been ill and haven’t spent much time on other’s sites, over the past few weeks. I will pray for you and your child, and I’m sorry I didn’t know sooner!

  7. Eric Kemp Says:


    Thank you. It’s amazing, since this is our first child, how much your life is turned upside down when something like this is happening to them. It’s amazing how much it affects you.


    Thanks for the prayers and I hope that you are feeling better. Anything that I can pray for?

    I should have updated this post last night, but it slipped my mind. We got home with our son yesterday. He’s a bit traumatized and every time we try to give him medication or change his diaper (he had to be on his back for the deep suctions) his little mind probably thinks it’s happening all over again and so he cries where he never cried before. It will take some time for him to forget and trust us not to stick a tube down his nose again! But other than that he’s doing great and we’re just happy to be home.

  8. markbey Says:

    Eric I left a comment at UF for you. I know you are busy so whenever you get a chance to respond that will be fine. Thank you mark

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