Shame on You, Perez Hilton

It brings a wry smile to my face with the tolerance crowd shows their true colors.  No matter how much they try to promote “tolerance” as the ultimate good, they show over and over again that they actually don’t believe that.

The most recent example is the controversy surrounding the runner up to Miss America, Carrie Prejean.  During her interview process, she was asked, by Perez Hilton, a question about her views on same-sex marriage.  She explained that, “in my country, and in my family, marriage is between a man and a woman – no offense to anone out there”.  Needless to say, she did not win the Miss America crown.

Hilton took the opportunity to do get as much exposure as possible, Larry King, MSNBC arguing against Prejeans statements.  On his Twitter page, Hilton called Prejean a “dumb b****”, apologized for the comment, and then took back the apology.

To Perez Hilton:

So basically, tolerance only applies to those that agree with you, right?  You expect everyone to be tolerant of your redefinition of marriage, but the minute someone disagrees with you, the tolerance rule no longer applies, right?  You can go around calling women b****es but if someone is derogatory towards homosexuals, boy do they deserve to pay.

Can you not respect that Prejean didn’t bow to popular opinion and expressed her beliefs?  She basically gave up her dream of being Miss America to be true to what she believes, wouldn’t you do the same for your beliefs Perez?

Your hypocrisy knows no bounds, Perez.  I thank you for showing the world who you truly are so that we will no longer be fooled by your mask of “tolerance”.  Your vile comments prove that you are just as dogmatic a believer as the religious whom you berate.

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14 Comments on “Shame on You, Perez Hilton”

  1. DB Says:

    Eric, you hit it right on the numbers! It’s what I call the “Intolerance of the tolerant!”

    Hilton, and the like, should look up the definition of hypocrite, or get someone who can read to do so;-)

    Homosexuality is cool, it’s what’s happenin’ now, man! This is the Hollywood, culturally relative, brain-dead (and Godless, of course! God is not PC!) mindset that permeates most of our nation.

    I have stopped posting on these kinds of things, since I found myself falling into my own desire to judge others, as you can probably tell from the last paragraph! Besides, I finally realized that I was grinding my molars down to nothing;-)

    Good post and point!

  2. morsec0de Says:

    So you’re big slam of someone being intolerant is a girl not winning a beauty pageant?

    May all intolerance be so minuscule!

  3. DB Says:

    Nice ducking the real issue, Morse!

  4. Eric Kemp Says:

    naw, more like calling her a “stupid b****” and the general berating for her point of view and the double standard that comes with it. What if a prominent Christian blogger berated Perez Hilton and called him a “stupid f****”? Oh, the media uproar!

  5. morsec0de Says:

    “What if a prominent Christian blogger berated Perez Hilton and called him a “stupid f****”? Oh, the media uproar!”


    Call him that. I don’t particularly care.

    I also find it interesting that making fun of someone in the media is somehow the equivalent, or worse, than denying people legal equality in your mind.

  6. Eric Kemp Says:

    I’m not saying YOU care, I’m saying the media would, and you know that’s true.

    And I really don’t know what you mean by the last comment.

  7. Neil Says:

    Yes, the media would care, a lot. Her statement was really pretty benign, and is roughly the same words Obama used. So I suppose Hilton calls him a “dumb *****?”

    The definition of marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Anyone who insists that this denies equality to gays doesn’t understand the plain meaning of the word. Sadly, too few people are equipped (or courageous enough, as in the case of this lady) to state the obvious. But the Lefties are so reflexive with their “civil rights” mantra and the media gives them a pass on the transparently illogical statements.

  8. Price Says:

    She was penalized for her comment, which isn’t fair. While you don’t have to agree with her, you ought to respect her integrity and honesty. She knew the kind of audience who was watching, mostly liberal, celebrities, homosexuals, and women. She could have given a shotty answer, but she didn’t.

    I don’t agree with her opinion, but I respect her honesty and integrity. I value those qualities of character over any other, whether I agree with their views or not.

  9. Eric Kemp Says:

    Thank you Price, that is exactly my point. I completely agree.

  10. Robert Says:

    I watched the “rant” online and did you notice he made a real big deal that she was “booed” However when I watched the question and answer it went like this when he made the statement about Vermont there was some applause and when she made her statement that she beleived it was between a man and women there was an even louder cheer from the audience. That’s just what I heard and I’m sticking to it.

  11. CamelPack Says:

    “She was penalized for her comment, which isn’t fair. ”

    Assuming both contestants answered their questions honestly and with integrity and the judges then based their decisions on the content of their answers, how wasn’t this fair?

    Tolerance doesn’t mean sitting silently when someone says something you disagree with.

    Having honesty and integrity does mean stepping down when you can’t uphold the positions of the organization to which you belong. (Miss California)

  12. coramdeo Says:

    Great article, I was going to write something on it, but you nailed it (and in a much shorter post :).

  13. coramdeo Says:

    The only thing I will say though, is tolerance isn’t putting up with people who agree with you, but people who do NOT agree with you. It seems tolerance has been changed to mean, “I will only accept those beliefs which agree with mine”. But if WE disagree with these people, but are tolerant (in the traditional meaning), they call us intolerant (huh?!?)…seriously why don’t more people see this?

  14. DB Says:

    …seriously why don’t more people see this?

    I believe it’s willful ignorance. They don’t want to see, hear or know the truth about anything, absolutely!

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