Christian Worldview Thought of the Day: Wednesday

A friend of mine posted a thoughtful question about abortion on his facebook status earlier today.  But that wasn’t what caught my interesting in particular, it was someone who commented on his status that had me thinking about the abortion issue in a different way.

Of course, the question of whether or not the fetus is a human life is the most important one in the debate.  However, what about the rights of the father?  All we hear is “It’s the woman’s body so she gets to choose.”  Really?  That’s not even biological correct.  The baby (or fetus, however you prefer to think about it, because that’s all it is, a preference) has half the fathers DNA and literally part of the father’s body entered the mother’s and became a part of the baby (and I’m not talking about the penis you sickos).

So it is also the father’s body that is a part of the growing baby.  I’ll ask again.  What about the rights of the father?  Doesn’t he have a say in what happens to his half of the DNA?  Isn’t this country all about equal rights for everyone?  So what about the rights of the father?

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2 Comments on “Christian Worldview Thought of the Day: Wednesday”

  1. Neil Says:

    Good points. One of the favorite pro-abortion arguments is to say that pro-lifers are “forcing” women to have babies. That not only ignores how they got their in the first place (not my fault!) but it ignores the role of the father.

    After all, if the woman has the baby she is “forcing” the man to “become” a father (I use scare quotes because he is already a father in a very real scientific sense). Why can’t the dad tell the woman to either abort or sign away all his parental duties?

  2. Grassdog Says:

    The big difference is of course, that the guy doesn’t get to hang around for 9 months being pregnant and also he has the choice to abscond from his responsibilities to the child well before the birth.

    All we hear is “It’s the woman’s body so she gets to choose.” Really? – Yes, I’m afraid so. It isn’t his body feeding, housing and getting worn out by the fetus now, is it?

    The fact of human reproduction is that a woman’s biological investment in a child is a total commitment, whereas this is not the case for a man. As you have pointed out he’s contributed a vanishingly small sample of his DNA and is then biologically free to go off and do this again somewhere else.
    As a graduated process of decision making is not feasible (unless we give a couple a weighted voting system?) I would suggest that this decision is actually a woman’s prerogative after all.

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