My name is Eric Kemp.  I am a Kinesiologist and a student.  I love working out, martial arts, hiking to summits and, to balance all that out, am an avid gamer.  I love the art required in each of them.  I am married to a beautiful, amazing wife who is also the mother to our first child. 

First and foremost, however, I am a follower of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  My propensity for science seems in contrast to this, and for a long time I tried to seperate my scientific beliefs from my Christian ones.  Having faith in the God described in the Bible and having an honest love of science seems, especially in todays climate, to be inherently contradictory.  Until 150 years ago it was not so and does not need to be so today.  A literal interpretation of the Bible is not contradictory to science and science is not contradictory to the Bible.

I wanted to set up this blog to be a reference for the transcripts of discussions I’ve had or are having at the moment.   My hope is someone would learn from them as I have.  New posts will consist of, hopefully, well formed arguments in defense of Jesus Christ with a particular focus on bringing rationality and intelligence back to science.


16 Comments on “About”

  1. carlgobelman Says:


    I came across your blog and I like what you have to say. I would like your permission to add your blog to my blogroll.


  2. Eric Kemp Says:


    Thanks for your interest and encouragement; and of course you can!


  3. santitafarella Says:


    When you say that you have an interest in science, does this mean that you accept the general conclusions that scientists have made about the origin of the earth, and life on earth?

    In other words, even though you are an evangelical, do you accept that the earth is 4.5 billion years old, and that plants and animals have changed over time?

    Or are you a young earth creationist who believes in the fixity of species?


  4. Eric,

    I saw your response on proudatheist and wanted to ask you a question. Mark of proudatheists tells you to go google “ATHEISTS SUPPLY LESS THAN 1% OF PRISON POPULATIONS”

    Here’s my question: Isn’t the Atheist community of the world a minority compared to believers, whomever believers may choose to believe? So wouldn’t it make since that “ATHEISTS SUPPLY LESS THAN 1% OF PRISON POPULATIONS” because they don’t contribute very much percentage wise? (does that make sense?)

    Sorry I put this here but I really wanted to add this but he has banned me from his site because I think I made him use his noggin and he didn’t like it.

  5. Eric Kemp Says:


    Yea, that’s the part Mark doesn’t want to look at. Well done.

  6. Spencer D. Says:


    Check this link out, its about evolutionists admitting Darwin’s tree of evolution is completely false. check it out, you might want to make a news posts about it.

  7. Eric Kemp Says:


    Thanks for the link man, that’s some good stuff. I’ll definetly post something about it.

  8. rubyeliot Says:

    eric, have you heard of the DNA?

    you should join (if you haven’t already), you have some awesome posts.


  9. Hi, Eric. I came across your site from Neil Simpson’s. With your passion for science, this is a brother you may want to network with:


    Wes is a good man taking some great practical steps.

  10. Eric Kemp Says:


    Thanks for the reference, Wes’ site seems very powerful. I’ll definetly give him a shout.


  11. Thomas Says:

    Eric, I noticed that your link to siriusknotts is no longer accessible. Do you know anything about this? Is he allowing only registered folks to view it? Just curious. Until my little hiatus, I had been viewing it pretty regularly.

  12. Eric Kemp Says:

    I hadn’t realized that, thank you for telling me, I’ll check it out.

  13. Eric Kemp Says:

    Yea, Thomas, it looks like he change the parameters of those who can view his blog. I’m not one of them either.

  14. Thomas Says:

    Eric, Siriusknotts is up and running again, fyi.

  15. coramdeo Says:

    hey is there away to subscribe to your blog so I can see when you post stuff through email? Maybe I’m blind, but I don’t see a “subscribe here” button.

  16. Eric Kemp Says:

    Hey man, I put the RSS Widget up but I’m not sure if I did it right. Can you try it out for me?

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