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Is God Evil? A Response; Part Two

December 10, 2008

Daniel Florien, as I hoped he would, is continuing his series on exploring whether or not the God of the Bible is actually evil, contrary to what us Christians would want you to believe.  Well, more accurately, Daniel isn’t really technically exploring the issue, he’s already decided that God IS evil and is going through the Bible looking for support for this position.  I’m also not sure that continuing is an accurate description of his latest post.  As you read his post, you might think of it as a re-hash of the earlier Adam and Eve post and I’d have to agree.  His latest post seems more like a “big picture” treatment of the Adam and Eve article. 

As in the previous post in the series, Daniel uses conveniently misunderstood facts and strawmen, and erroneous logic, to put the blame on God.  In fact . . .

Accurately Describing Genesis, the Blame is Not on God

To begin his article, Daniel uses an analogy to describe the situation in the Garden of Eden.

Professor Sidney was proud — he was the creator of the first sentient, emotional beings made by man.

Right there, we’re starting off on a bad foot because man wasn’t created by another created, fallible creature.  Man was created by an all-powerful, all-knowing God.

The Humloids (as he called them) were programmed with instructions to pick any of the flowers in the biodome except one.

That’s just plain inaccurate.  Humans were not “programmed” in the same sense that a man made computer program is.  We were given our DNA and our morphological traits, but also given free will.  A more accurate analogy would be the father of grown children:  Is he really to blame for what his twenty-five year old son and daughter do?  Why not?  His children have free will do they not? 

The subject of Adam and Eve’s free will was also conveniently missing from Daniel’s previous post on the subject, and the error was pointed out to him.  Why, then, is Daniel still subscribing to the error?  Because he must in order to put the blame on God.

They thought they would die if they picked the forbidden flower — a harmless little joke that still made him chuckle.

They DID die for picking the fruit.  God never said they would die immediately, but the moment they ate of the fruit, they began to die. 

Here were his beloved Humloids — with the forbidden flower in their hair! They had done what he had forbidden! He was furious! He would kill them all! No — a slow death would be better. He would make them suffer.

This is where Daniel’s initial decision to make the designer in his analogy a human is key.  If the designer is a fallible human being then his analogy makes us angry.  How dare a human decide that another being should suffer!  However, if Daniel was accurate to the Biblical story, the designer would have to be an infallible, all-powerful, all-knowing God. 

Erroneous Logic

Only an all-powerful, all-knowing, Just and Righteous God has the right, nay the obligation, to punish His creation when they disobey Him.  This is absolutely a part of the Biblical doctrine of the nature of God.  However, the attributes of Love and Grace are also very explicit in the Biblical text. 

God gave Adam and Eve life, and everything they ever wanted.  With His love, God gave them literally a paradise in which to live.  No death, no suffering, not even vanity.  He only asked ONE thing of them.  And they couldn’t do it.  To affirm the story of the Garden and Eve, and yet dis affirm the REASON for God’s actions, and why He is able to punish His creation, is to be logically inconsistent. 

Even if Daniel wants to talk about Genesis in the form of a myth-story, that works too.  Part of the myth-story is that God is Just, Righteous and Holy.  If the prospect of such a God offends Daniel, as it obviously does, then fine, be an atheist.  But to treat the actions of God in that myth-story with a critical eye while ignoring the reasons the myth-story gives for God’s actions, his Justice and Righteousness, is to twist the story for your own benefit.  Daniel is literally creating His own version of a god who isn’t Just and Righteous, applying that to the God described in the Bible, and then attempting to call that God evil. 

Daniel:  “Only an evil God commits those acts.”

The Bible:  “Only a Righteous God is justified in those acts”

What’s the difference?  Daniel starts with the presupposition that God is subject to Daniel’s morality while the Bible presupposes that humanity is subject to God’s morality. 

Further, are we really accurately describing the human experience as nothing but “suffering”, as Daniel puts it?  


Daniel then decides to strawman Christian beliefs in an attempt to show how absurd they are.  It’s easy to do.  In a section entitled, “Is that Why Bad Things Happen?”, Daniel lists a few things that are bad and why the strawmanned Christian explanations are wrong.

When an innocent baby dies of a birth defect, is it because our ancestors ate some fruit? . . . I don’t think so. Birth defects happen because of medical problems, which we have gotten better at screening and fixing.

Daniel can’t really be suggesting that a Christian denies the natural explanations for medical problems and immediately goes back to the Garden can he?  Sadly, yes.  I’ll let the absurdity of that strawman stand for itself.

When a daughter is raped and killed by her step-father, is it because the step-father inherited “original sin”? . . . People are raped and killed by others not because we all have original sin, but because some people are mentally unstable, which through medication and therapy can sometimes be remedied.

Notice how Daniel didn’t call a rapist and a murderer “evil”, only “mentally unstable”.  He isn’t willing to hold fellow human beings to the “evil” standard, but he’ll happily apply it to God.  I smell a bias!  I’ll come back to how this isn’t an answer either.

When a tsunami destroys a city and millions are killed, is it because of an ancient myth passed on for thousands of years before it was written down? . . . Natural disasters occur not because some invisible man in the sky controls them, but because of natural forces on this earth.

This isn’t a why answer because . . . 

There is no “Why” in Atheism

At the beginning of the section, Daniel asks the question, “why do bad things happen?”.  In none of his examples and answers, does Daniel answer the question.  Go back to the quotes and see for yourself, does Daniel answer “why”?  No really, I want you to go back and re-read them, it’ll only take a second, just read the parts in quotations.  

He only answers how.  

It’s not his fault.  Atheism can’t answer why.  Think about it, why do natural disasters happen?  Because of natural forces.  That’s begging the question isn’t it?!  It’s just like saying, “Natural disasters happen because natural forces cause them.”  Circular!  Why do the natural forces cause them?!

Why is a metaphysical question.  Atheism cannot answer metaphysical questions without being inconsistent.  So when Daniel mocks the Christian answers of why, he is only trying to cover up that he has no answer!  Every time an atheist attempts to answer why he’s truly only answering how.  It’s the best that he can do.


The Intolerance of Evolution

December 9, 2008

Evolutionary scientists, and atheists alike, have long fooled themselves into believing that they are neutral.  This belief in their own neutrality has led to an overall disgust for worldviews that are considered non-neutral.  In fact, evolutionists, and atheists in particular, have long derided Christians for their “intolerance”.  Not only is this an erroneous accusation since there is no partiality with God, it’s a hypocritical one.  The myth of evolutionary neutrality is so staunchly defended, that it brings me no small amount of joy when a leading evolutionary proponent exposes their true agenda.  The following is an example evolutionary proponents being intolerant of any other religion except their own.

 The Creation Museum

The Creationist organisation, Answers in Genesis, has their very own Creation Museum.  This museum is a privately funded Christian entity.  They entered into a business arraignment with another entity, the Cincinnati Zoo, to provide tickets to both the zoo and the museum at a reduced price if purchased in a “bundle”.  The idea was to bring more tourism to the city and to both the museum and the zoo.

However, on Monday Dec 1st, about 48 hours after the deal was finalized, the Cincinnati zoo pulled out.  The zoo was inundated with emails and phone calls regarding their affiliation with the Creation Museum.  The cries all had the same message, the zoo should not be affiliated with Christianity. 

 Don’t Be Fooled; Atheists Have a Leader, and They are Organized

But how did they anti-Christian forces mobilize so quickly?  Once P.Z. Meyers over at Pharyngula makes a point of something, it becomes common knowledge in the atheistic community within 24 hours.   Fortunately for us, Meyers displays his intolerance for Christianity proudly.  His rant began:

The Cincinnati Zoo is promoting an anti-science, anti-education con job run by ignorant creationists. . . . I believe the Cincinnati Zoo has betrayed its mission and its trust in a disgraceful way, by aligning themselves with a creationist institution that is a laughing stock to the rest of the world, and a mark of shame to the United States. I urge everyone to contact the zoo; write to their education and marketing and public relations departments in particular and point out the conflict between what they are doing and what their goal as an educational and research institution ought to be.

Wait, “anti-science”?  “Anti-education”?  Talk about strawmen of epic proportions.  Answers in Genesis has, on staff, dozens of Ph.D’s in biology, microbiology, genetics, nuerology, physics, geology, archaeology and many other fields.  These guys aren’t “scientists” just because they disagree with Dr. Meyers?  Apparently, P.Z. defines what a “scientist” is.   Also, at no time has AiG supported Creationism being taught in public schools.

To accomplish this intolerance P.Z. continues:

While you’re at it, it might be even more effective to contact the newsroom at the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Cincinnati weekly, City Beat. Let’s raise a stink and give these guys the bad PR they deserve.

This is religious zealotry at it’s best.  A call to arms to stand up for their common religous cause! 

Atheism is a Religion That Doesn’t Tolerate Any Other Viewpoint

To give more examples of this intolerance, not to mention ignorance, one only has to quickly scan some of the comments on Pharyngula.

 Also smells very strongly of the typical creationist “what can we do to make people think we’re mainstream science educators?” principle

Ah, yes, Christians aren’t mainstream educators so we have to try and fool people.  I love it. 

Yes, the Cininnati [sic] Zoo has betrayed science, and common sense. There are people who take a literal interpretation of a something that is over 2000 years old without questioning it. If these people want to keep their believes [sic] private that is their right. However, to pollute the public sphere is just wrong.

The atheists believe they have the monopoly on science and what is considered “common sense”.  This campaign against the Creation Museum was exactly designed to berate any other viewpoint that isn’t their own into submission.  This is tolerance?

THIS MAY BE CREATION MUSEUM FRAUD Before everyone begins slamming the Cincinnati Zoo, let’s verify this.

Atheists are taught that Christian’s modus operandi is to lie in order to further our cause. 

Well I smell a lawsuit coming up. If the zoo really is part of the public school system and it really is promoting creationism, then they are in blatant violation of the constitution. This will be a good case to establish precedent and if persued [sic], should cause everyone to realize what a deceitful bunch of hypocrites the creationists really are.

This individual is mistaken.  A private zoo is NOT part of the public school system.  This individual also buys in to the P.Z. Meyers canard that if an individual doesn’t believe in molecules-to-man evolution they are either ignorant or lying.  However, the implication contained within this comment is much more troubling.  This individual wants any entity in the scientific, governmental, or educational realms to be legally barred from dealing with Christian organizations.  The only religion the government would be then able to deal with would be evolution.  This is not an isolated sentiment.

The best example of the power of the intolerant atheistic leadership, is a quote by a Dr. Leach who wrote an email to the Cincinnati Zoo.  The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that:

“They seem like diametrically opposed institutions,” said Dr. James Leach, a Cincinnati radiologist who e-mailed zoo officials about his concerns. “The Cincinnati Zoo is one of this city’s treasures. The Creation Museum is an international laughingstock.”

Where do you think Dr. Leach got that terminology, “international laughingstock”?  Pharyngula anyone?  If the atheists don’t think they follow leadership, they’re fooling themselves. 

The Creation Museum is an international laughingstock according to whom?  The secular academic community?  Is this the same academic community that calls for any mention of Intelligent Design to be soundly and immediately squelched, dare I say, expelled?  That have decided, a priori and prima facie, that Intelligent Design is impossible?  Forgive me if I don’t consider them the nuetral party the atheists portray them to be. 

This post wouldn’t be complete without my favorite comment found on the Cincinnati Enquirer website:

What idiot would believe the earth was 6000 years old? The zoo has shamed itself. It will next be promoting with witches, neo nazis, KKK members and other neanderthals like those running the creation museum…I guess the folks that go to the creationist museum had trouble giving up their beliefs in santa claus, the easter bunny, and the fairy tale too. let these morons believe what they want, but put them in their own state (seems like they are already living in a state of denial) or send them to guantanamo.

The atheists and evolutionists who moved to block the business relationship between a Christian entity and a privately owned zoo, are organized and motivated to shut down any other viewpoint besides their own.  Christians should be confined so that we cannot explore our beliefs in any other venue except inside our homes and churchs.  Doesn’t this sound eerily like certain “ghetto’s” that were set up some seventy years ago in some distant European country?  Send them where they can’t be seen, heard or bother anyone else.  Now, how’s THAT for tolerance?