Christian Worldview Thought of the Day

The next time the liberal media tells you that they are concerned about the kids, please think of the hero worship that Michael Jackson has received upon his death.  Since when does the entertainment value of an individual outweigh pedophilia?

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3 Comments on “Christian Worldview Thought of the Day”

  1. krissmith777 Says:

    Molester Pelusa has touched a lot of people, especially young boys. But that will now be long over, thank God, as he is planted into the ground.

    His fans say “He was never convicted,” as if that means he never did anything.

    A few days ago, I heared a replay of an interview he did in which he talked about giving boys milk and cookies and saying “if you love me, you’ll sleep in my bed.” — I don’t care what his fans say, he may as well of screamed out “I’M A PEDO.” Listening to him made me want to puke.

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. aletheamarinanova Says:

    The fans have no idea the damage that they do to victims and survivors of child sexual abuse. Their blind support of M.J. is like a stab in the heart to those who were sexually abused by outwardly ‘nice’ people.

  3. Grassdog Says:

    Sorry guys, this is like saying ‘the next time the Catholic Church wants you to think about the children, don’t forget the child molesting priests!’

    You wouldn’t agree to your religion being judged on the actions of some individuals, so it’s not fair to judge a culture (or even a lack of it!) because of one of its well known members.

    I am no great fan of MJ, but he produced iconic music. The allegations of child molestation (if true) merely point out a criminal weakness in him personally, not in the media that reported / gloated about it.

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